Victory Tech Solutions

As co-founder of, I recently updated the look of the site to make it responsive and give it a more current appearance. I first laid out the site in wireframes, added a simple color palette and artwork, then coded the html.

Victory Tech Solutions website

Overview of Victory Tech Solutions website

Ellen Mattingly Law

Client design requirements called for clean, uncluttered layout with minimalist approach that evokes a inspirational feeling. Designed as a responsive website, once below 480 pixels wide, the navigation menu becomes a touch-friendly expandable menu.

Ellen Mattingly Law website

Screenshot of Ellen Matting website

Boston Area Mediation Services

I created the IA, Visual Design and coded this responsive website to represent the firm's professional yet compassionate persona. Mediation, by nature involves conflict but the clients wanted the website to make a viewer feel comfortable and welcome. The use of whitespace upholds their professionalism while the typefont and imagery welcomes them into the site. The website structure, on-point content, and SEO brought them first page ranking on Google Search.

Screenshot of Boston Area website Screenshot of Boston Area profile page

Presidential Instructional Technology Fellows (PITF)

The Presidential Instructional Technology Fellows (PITF) site is a drupal CMS-based website utilizing a custom theme that I designed. It's design goal was to showcase the numerous digital projects of Harvard's IT Fellows. I also contributed to creating the information architecture and taxonomy of the site.
My involvement: Interface Design, Custom Drupal Themeing, Information Architecture, HTML, CSS, Graphic Design

Screenshot of the PITF website and its mosaic of projects

Harvard GSAS Resource micro-site prototype

An html prototype of a responsive micro-site within the Harvard Graduate School of Arts & Sciences. Designed to fit within the GSAS ecosystem yet distinguish iteself from the other pages. Coded in a mobile-first structure, the pages are fully responsive, including the fluid Advisor Resource flowchart.

GSAS Help page prototype
GSAS Advisor Resource page prototype

Thumbnail of GSAS Help page Thumbnail of GSAS Advisor page

Harvard Divinity School Library

The Harvard Divinity School Library is a drupal CMS driven website utilizing a custom theme I created. The multi-faceted search interface I designed went through rigorous user testing and was so well liked by the school, it was incorporated in many of its sister library sites.
My involvement: Interface Design, Custom Drupal Themeing, HTML, CSS, Graphic Design

Screenshot of the website About page - a typical layout Screenshot of the website's search funtion

HBS IT's Education Technology Group website

Intranet site using extensive Flash & XML to showcase the departments capabilities.
My involvement: Flash Programming, Interface Design, HTML, XML, CSS, & Javascript Markup

Screenshot of the Flash-driven product showcase page Screenshot of the website's Flash-driven scrolling Team page

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