Web Apps

BCG Mobility Marketplace Web App

In contract with the Boston Consulting Group, I developed the UX and UI design for their internal "Mobility Marketplace" web application which allowed consultants, managers, and HR to search, register interest, and track global opportunities within BCG. This multi-faceted web application was targeted for desktop and tablet platforms. The challenge was to provide for multiple search patterns and dense table data displays in an intuitive, contextual layout. Select wireframes for this application are found under the Wireframes tab above.
My involvement: IA, UX, Visual Design, HTML protoyping

Landing page with Browse by Practice Area feature. Filtering Search and Tabular results

Harmony Lab web application

For Harvard University, I teamed with music theory instructors and web application developers to create this Open Source educational software. Harmony Lab is an interactive web-based teaching tool that illustrates and teaches harmony by displaying notation patterns via keyboard (MIDI or QWERTY) input and enhances the understanding of harmony by providing instant feedback, musical notation highlighting, and analysis. I designed and developed the user interface with a multifaceted use experience approach that allowed for beginning music theory students as well as experienced instructor user perspectives.

http://harmony-lab.appspot.com (requires a Jazz-soft browser plugin).

Screenshot of the Harmon app depicting notation and keyboard

HBS BeerGame Simulation

This is a Harvard Business School supply chain simulation game using a Flash front-end interface that ingests xml data through an open socket connection to a Java backend. Played online in real-time by multiple teams which assume roles as Manufacturer, Distributor, Wholesaler, or Retailer.
My involvement: Interface Design, Flash Programming

Screenshot of the inventory order page Screenshot of the user-input demand curve page

HBS Global Data Visualization

A Harvard Business School teaching tool used to illustrate change over time using GIS mapping data. Uses dynamic ingestion of xml to display arrays of images.
My involvement: Interface Design, XML, Flash & Javascript Programming

Screenshot of the Flash-driven data visualization over time map

HBS Yield Curves & Bond Ratings tutorial

A Flash-driven presentation for Harvard Business School, originally created as a Director driven Quicktime movie.
My involvement: Interface Design & Flash Programming

http://courseware.hbs.edu/multimedia/yieldcurve  (Requires HBS login)

Screenshot of the Bond Rating graph

Harvard Business School Podcasts

I've produced numerous podcasts for the Executive Education program distributed via iPod. I was responsible for Graphic Design, Audio Production, XML Encoding. On enhanced podcasts, I also created the embedded supporting exhibits.

These are just a sample of the representative cover art for podcasts I produced.

Screenshot of the Cuban Missle Crisis case podcast cover page Screenshot of the podcast cover page Screenshot of the Nike case podcast cover page Screenshot of the Children's Hospital case podcast cover page

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