Creating Intuitive Interfaces
&  Outstanding User Experiences
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Hi, I'm a purpose-driven designer in a seemingly random world, trying to provide intuitive sense from the chaos of everyday things.

With a decade of experience in UX, UI, Visual Design, rich media production, and User-centric web & e-commerce development, some Design Thinkers call me "T Shaped" but I prefer to think of myself as a hybrid of designer roles.

As a User Experience Designer and User Interface Designer, I work in Higher Education and Corporate settings to deliver intuitive interfaces for e-learning and business web applications. Combining my experience in web development, responsive web design, HCI, and Usability patterns, I strive to deliver the optimal user experience for target audiences.

My portfolio covers a wide range of design styles, products, and user experiences.

Recent UI/UX Projects:

Mobile App for Harvard Business School

The Business School sought to develop a native mobile application for their MBA Students that would provide immediate, individual, contextual content for their daily lives while at HBS. Based on marketing requirements, user research (user interviews, personas, use-cases, web analytics) and governing technologies, I created low-fidelity wireframes to gather feedback from users and stakeholders as well as validate flow. To illustrate context and interaction, I then created the interactive prototype.

Mobile Wireframes

Interactive Prototype (Best viewed in Chrome)

Interactive Prototypes at Six Red Marbles

Conceptualizing and designing fully interactive prototypes of 3rd-grade and High School education lessons proved exciting. Delivering them both in 6 weeks showed our client we were up to the challenge.
Here's what we did.

Other Projects: